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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the pure extracts that are distilled from plants, including their parts such as seeds, leaves, flowers etc.

Essential oils provide a safe, effective and affordable way to support your body. You can take control of your health in a natural way. While they don’t replace modern medication, they can provide natural assistance.

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Lime Raspberry Coconut Cake Recipe

*Sings* You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up....
I've been testing recipes to try and find the perfect lime coconut and raspberry cake and finally I managed to create the perfect one! I tweaked and combined a few recipes until I managed to create a delicious, full of flavour cake that has the perfect balance of flavours, from the tart lime to the tangy raspberry with the sweet coconut. If you leave the cake for a day before serving the flavours are even more amazing, and I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! 

How to Cook with Essential Oils

Here's a quick selection of tips to get the most out of your cooking with essential oils! Not the reading type? No problem. there's a video too :)

September 2017 Newsletter

Spring has sprung! I love this time of year. The days are getting longer, the temperature is starting to heat up, and there are tons of adorable baby ducklings at the pond. However I know for many people it’s also the worst time of the year for allergies and hayfever!
Prior to doTERRA I had to take an antihistamine daily or else I’d be having fits of sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose and all the other fun hayfever symptoms. However now I just use my allergy power trio of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint to blast away the sneezies. I have a 10ml rollerball with 30 drops lemon, 30 drops lavender, 30 drops peppermint and 90 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil. I apply this to the bottom of my feet morning and night in Spring. Then if I’m really being hit hard, I do an allergy shot. Put 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of lemon and 2 drops of peppermint in a shot glass and add water. Slam that bad boy down and it always clears me out. If you have any friends suffering then please tell them about this, it is a life changer!

October and November Class Schedule

If you’d like a chance to learn more about the power of essential oils and how they can support your health and well-being naturally then you are welcome to attend a class. They cost $10 and you will get to make your own oil blend to take home with you! Please contact me to book in, I’d love to see you there!

Blueberry Cheesecake Balls Recipe – with Lemon!

So apparently there is a National Cheesecake Day! Who knew? If it was up to me, every day would be cheesecake day.

I have a few friends who are doing LCHF (low carb, high fat) diets and one of them (thanks Mel!) first shared this recipe with me. I quickly decided to tweak it by adding the lemon essential oil and it really does add the perfect hint of zing to them. They are super quick to make, easy to take along with you as a snack, and suprisingly filling. They aren't super sweet so you aren't as likely to eat them all at you would a cheesecake. I hope you love them! 

August 2017 Newsletter

I’ll start by saying a quick hello to any new wellness advocates who joined us in July: welcome! Just a reminder as well to anyone who’s on the Loyalty Rewards Program that it’s a good idea to log in and update your cart at the start of the month otherwise you will end up getting the same thing as last month. If you have questions about the LRP be in touch and I can help you out.

Make your own Glass Cleaner

I love this spray so much! It smells 'minty fresh' and does a great job at cleaning my windows and mirrors. I love that I can make my own cleaners which are natural, safe and effective. 

Gorgeous Lemon Grape Cake Recipe

One of my best friends comes over every week to help me with the kids. She is their adopted auntie, she plays with them and showers them with love and attention allowing me time to quickly cook and clean. And because she is the greatest person ever she even brings healthy yummy snacks for them! Seriously, this girl is worth her weight in gold.

However one time she brought a kilo of grapes for us as she didn't know that I'd also bought a kilo of grapes that morning as well. So we quickly decided to try and find a recipe that would use grapes....and being two girls we of course picked the one that involved cake! We were both very excited how it turned out, the grapes provide a hint of sweetness and the lemon balances it out nicely. 

Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart