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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the pure extracts that are distilled from plants, including their parts such as seeds, leaves, flowers etc.

Essential oils provide a safe, effective and affordable way to support your body. You can take control of your health in a natural way. While they don’t replace modern medication, they can provide natural assistance.

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July 2017 Newsletter

Winter is well and truly here and sadly so are lots of germs! Essential oils can be a powerful boost to your immune system as well as provide relief and healing if you do find yourself unwell. Two awesome recipes to remember are the Immune Bomb and the Respiratory Congestion. With the immune bomb, you can either take internally or apply topically (remember your dilution ratios-ask me if you are unsure). With the Respiratory congestion recipe, once the water has cooled don’t tip it down the drain- put it in your diffuser for a few more hours of use!

Make your own Bathroom Tile Cleaner

One of the reasons that I fell in love with my oils is because I can use them to make natural non-toxic cleaning supplies.
I am the kind of person who gets a sneezing fit from bathroom cleaners. My poor husband used to have to do the bathrooms and he would have to wear ski goggles (the chemicals burned his eyes!) and a breathing mask. I then couldn't use the bathroom for the next three days or even leave the door open because just walking past would set me off. Needless to say, our bathroom didn't get cleaned as much as it should!

Wild Orange Choc Chip Slice Recipe

What do you do when you are supposed to be making date bliss balls but stuff up? You improvise! (As my dad used to say "We're not lost. We're just exploring!")

I was a bit short on dates so when I went to make my usual bliss ball recipe so it was a disaster. A crumbly mess! However I hate to waste good food so I thought it was time to get creative. I figured the mixture could be a good starting point for a slice so I added flour, milk, egg until it made a batter. And when in doubt....add more chocolate! So I added some chocolate chips for good measure. Lo and behold, after a few minutes of the slice in the oven my kitchen was filled with a beautiful aroma. My guests loved it and luckily I'd written down the recipe as I'd done it. A few more batches made to tweak the recipe (and because, well, it tasted amazing) and now it's ready to share with you. Enjoy!

Lemon Cheesecake Cookie Recipe

So whenever someone does something nice for me for free, I always like to gift them a home made goodie as a sign of my appreciation. My husband had to use a JP to certify some documents and while I know they don't charge for their services I wanted to thank the man for giving up his time to help us. It's hard to guess what other people might like but I figured lemon cookies are always a winner. However I had no fresh lemons! That's ok, just open my oil box, lift out my lemon essential oil, and VOILA! A cookie that's soft as a pillow, sweet with a hint of tang, and looks every so dainty all wrapped up in cellophane ready to be gifted.

And the JP was so touched, he said he loved cookies and he'd never been given something so nice as a thank you. He said it made his day, which made my day!

Make your own Bathroom Cleaner

This is my go-to daily bathroom spray. When I'm in the shower and am waiting a minute for my conditioner I quickly spray some of this and then  give the shower a quick wipe down. It smells divine and does a great job. While the kids are the in bath I spray it on the tub and let them wipe it down, they think it's pretty fun! Remember to use a glass spray bottle as the oils will corrode plastic, and so for safety reasons please keep the bottle out of reach of children. Glass bottles + tiles = not a good idea around kids. 

Peppermint Choc Chip Cookie Recipie

I have a confession to make. I don't like mint. I really really don't like mint. When I was a kid mint chocolate chip was my favourite ice cream...until I decided to eat an entire tub. Needless to say the thought of mint made me gag after that! However one of my husbands favorite cookies is Mint Slice. So at his request I decided to create a recipe for a choc chip mint cookie. He of course kindly offered to be my taste tester since I had no desire to try a bite. Of course, when the first batch was cooling, they smelled so nice that I figured I really should give one a bite.

 And holy moly they tasted amazing! All my mint hating years faded into a distant memory with one nibble. I  actaully love these cookies. Which is a bit of a problem as they take about 30 seconds to make! Funny enough I shared them with a group of freinds and one of them said "I normally don't like mint but I can't get enough of these cookies!" 

Jaffa Bliss Ball Recipe

I am always amazed when I go to cafes and they sell bliss balls for $5 each. Seriously such a massive rip off! Making bliss balls yourself at home takes almost no time at all and is much more cost effective. The best bit is they are a easy snack to grab and go. They are great for when you want a sweet treat that is a bit healthier than a cookie or piece of cake.