One of the reasons that I fell in love with my oils is because I can use them to make natural non-toxic cleaning supplies. I am the kind of person who gets a sneezing fit from bathroom cleaners. My poor husband used to have to do the bathrooms and he would have to wear ski goggles (the chemicals burned his eyes!) and a breathing mask. I then couldn’t use the bathroom for the next three days or even leave the door open because just walking past would set me off. Needless to say, our bathroom didn’t get cleaned as much as it should!

One of the first things I made when I got my oils was this bathroom tile cleaner (shared thanks to Frank&Myrrh). I was blown away by how fresh and amazing it was, and how quickly it worked.

Now before you all think I’m a total slob I just want to clarify that when we moved into our house I was 7 months pregnant and chasing around a very active 18 month old. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly in any state to be doing a serious clean. So please don’t judge me too harsly for the photo! But here you can see the middle tile has been cleaned using the oils, and the tiles around it have not. This was a crappy photo I took on my phone and it has not been altered at all.

Does it work? Yes.

Does it smell amazing? Yes.

Was I so excited that it worked that I went out and bought a scrubbing brush and then did the other bathroom that afternoon? YES!

One other thing I want to point out is that our skin is the largest organ in our body. Look how quickly it absorbs things like lotions and oils. When you clean your bathroom with chemicals, then a few hours later get in there butt naked and add hot steamy water…you are taking a CHEMICAL SAUNA. I don’t know about you but that is a scary thought.

Bathroom/tile cleaner

2-3 TBSP bicarb soda

3 drops clove or on-guard

3 drops lemon

Mix them together in a bowl and then add enough vinegar to make a paste.

Apply to your bathroom and leave to sit for a few minutes, then scrub away.

Optional: Do a happy dance in your sparkly clean bathroom!