So you’ve been wondering what it means to teach people about doTERRA….lets look at some common MYTHS that might be holding you back from taking advantage of this awesome opportunity:

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business is all consuming and you will have zero social life.

🚫 FALSE! It’s your business so you can devote as much or as little time as you want. Obviously, the more time you devote, the faster your business will grow but there are many people who simply casually share the oils in order to pay for their own purchases.
You might run your business around other work or family commitments- for me, I am a full-time mum with two young children so I work when the children are sleeping or I bring them with me. It’s a very flexible business where you set your own hours and you can work casually, part-time or even full time.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you need to buy lots of oils to sell.

🚫 FALSE! The idea behind a doTERRA business is that you help people get their own account and then their oils are shipped directly to them. Other than a few “if we run out of this oil there will be a crisis” back up bottles, I don’t have a huge number of new products at my house. There is no way I would have agreed to a business if it required me to collect orders, chase money, drag two kids plus parcels into the post office…not a chance! The only requirement there is to earn a commission from doTERRA is that you do a 100PV monthly order and when you are using the oils, that is very easy to do!

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you must teach workshop after workshop after workshop.

🚫 FALSE! While teaching workshops are an effective way to reach a group of people, it’s up to you to decide how you want to teach people about oils. There are girls in my team who only do one on one meetings. I know people who only ever build online. If you are connecting with people, sharing the oils, helping them to get their own account and providing support…you will be successful.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business only works if you are outgoing, confident and know everything about essential oils.

🚫 FALSE! Because a doTERRA business is so flexible, anyone can be successful at it. If you look at some of the top leaders, some of them are so shy and quiet that it’s hard to believe they lead teams of thousands of people. Am I a total oil guru? Not at all! I’m a trained preschool teacher and I’ve learned by simply using the oils and a reference book.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means there is a huge upfront cost, or you have to start with the biggest kit

🚫 FALSE! You don’t need every oil to have a business- in fact, I’m still not even close! You need a membership which is $35 or included free with the starter kits. You can get a starter kit for as little as $174, and this has the top 10 oils which is pretty much all you need to show others. Even to this day, I don’t bring much more than those 10 oils when I teach workshops!

MYTH: Oils can’t be stocked and sold retail by small businesses like massage therapists, health stores, hairdressers etc

🚫 FALSE! Just like everyone else a business can sign up for their own account and get a 25% discount to purchase oils to resell. I would suggest though looking at purchasing the Oil Sharing Kit which is a larger kit with multiples of popular oils as it comes with significant savings.