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I have a vivid imagination. Really helpful when you are teaching 3-year-olds and want to go on a bear hunt. Not so good when it’s 2 am and you are trying to sleep….

I have been very open and honest about my struggles with Post Natal Depression and the anxiety that has still lingered. I want to say that it’s ok to not feel ok. If you are feeling upset or stressed or struggling please reach out. Ask for help. There are so many amazing free services that can support you!

Oils I use to support me when the anxiety brain tries to start running the show:

Frankincense– a drop under my tongue helps me feel calm and relaxed
Balance– a drop on my feet and back fo the neck helps me to get grounded and centred
Wild Orange– a drop in my hands and inhale deeply helps me to feel uplifted and happy
Citrus oils– Lemon, Orange, Lime, Tangerine, Mandarin, Bergamot, etc. -any of the citrus oils help me to feel joyful and happy
Elevation– this blend is called the Joyful Blend for good reason! It is great at helping me feel happy
Arborvitae– this is the “oil of divine grace” and it really helps remind me to trust in God and know that He is watching me and my family
Lavender– this one is great for calming me

If you have been struggling with anxiety and would like to try a natural solution I’d love to help you get started with your oil journey. I am so blessed to have these beautiful, 100% pure oils in my life and I am passionate about sharing them with others 💜

I need oils NOW

My #1 oil for PMS

About three days before my period hits…my husband will sneak over and gently hand me my ClaryCalm and say “Babe, maybe you might want to use this?”

To which I usually angrily yell at him “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ARE YOU CALLING ME HORMONAL” (Me? A rage monster at a certain time of the month? Noooo….)

About five minutes after putting it on I’ll slink back over to him, give him a cuddle and apologize for being a horrible person to him.

I will openly admit that ClaryCalm is basically the one thing that stops me from turning into a mean monster. It’s also amazing at soothing the tummy cramps I get. I have polycystic ovaries and I also had amenorrhoea for a few years. When my period did finally return I actually thought I had food poisoning the cramping was that bad!!

Now one thing to bear in mind is that ClaryCalm is a roll-on oil, NOT a “Touch” version. This means that it is not diluted with any carrier oil. As such, some people may find it intense. If you try it and find it’s too strong for you, you can pop the lid off and decant it into a second roller, then top them both with some carrier oil. Alternatively, you could apply some carrier oil to your skin first, then roll the ClaryCalm on top.

I find that I only need to use it from about 3 days before my period till it ends, but I know lots of friends who like to use it daily as it helps with hormone regulation. It’s often used a pure-fume too due to its pleasant aroma.

Those experiencing menopause will also benefit from using it. You can apply daily on the lower belly and bottom of the feet to help with hormonal regulation.

How to clean your diffuser

Over time, the build-up of essential oil residue in your diffuser can cause problems. Thankfully it takes only a few minutes to get it sparkly clean! I suggest cleaning your diffusers once a month, although you could do it more frequently if you wanted.

How to clean:

Add 1 TBSP of vinegar (just plain old white vinegar from the supermarket is fine!) and 3 TBSP of water. Run the diffuser for around 10-15 minutes. Empty it, and then wipe it clean with a cloth. Be careful not to press on the ultrasonic plate at the bottom (the metal bits).


Voila! Easy peasy, lemon oil squeezy.

Which diffuser should I get?

Which doTERRA diffuser is the best?

With two amazing diffusers available to purchase from doTERRA, which one is going to suit you best? Let’s have a look at both the Petal and the Lumo diffuser and see.

Petal Diffuser

The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for nighttime diffusion. The Petal Diffuser has three timed settings—1, 2, and 4 hours—allowing you to customize the release of essential oils into the air. This convenient diffuser is stable, light, and easy to use—perfect for home or office use. The Petal Diffuser permeates an ultra-fine, yet substantial mist output into the air, releasing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils quickly and safely. This high quality, affordable diffuser is perfect for both novice and experienced essential oil users who want a reliable, easy-to-use essential oil diffuser.

Primary Benefits

  • Substantial mist output helps to humidify the air, whilst releasing aromatic essential oils into air
  • 1, 2, and 4 hour diffuser settings
  • Optional led light
  • Ultra-fine mist reaches up to 330 square feet
  • Simple, 3-piece diffuser is easy and convenient to use
  • Stable and light for the many spaces in your life

Lumo Diffuser

Influenced by nature, the Lumo diffuser features a maple wood base and several light settings inspired by natural elements. Offering customizable output, Lumo can run 2 to 5 hours continuously and 10 hours intermittently.

Primary Benefits

  • Customizable output: 2 or 5 hrs continuous preset/10 hrs intermittent preset (5 min. on/5 min. off)
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Seven lighting color options
  • Maple wood base
  • Coverage of up to 540 sq. feet

Aromatic Dressing

What is aromatic dressing, and why is it amazing?

Aromatic dressing is a daily ritual using your oils that you can easily add to your life. It is all about giving your body the nourishment it deserves. You lovingly massage an oil or a beautiful blend with a carrier oil onto your body while you talk to your body with messages of joy and acceptance. You can create your own personal powerful affirmations and aromatic anchors as you are using your doTERRA oils.

Once you’ve had a shower or bath, start at the bottom of your feet and work upwards towards your heart. Apply the oil in big circular motions as you layer your body with oil and loving words. Start your morning with power and purpose, and finish it with relaxation and peace.

There are endless combinations that you can use! I love to do my aromatic dressing in the morning, while the children are focused on having their breakfast. Often I will do a quick “emotions check” and ask myself how I am feeling. I’ll look at my diary and see what I have on, and think about how I want to feel during the day. If I have lots of things to do, I will pick a motivating combo. If I have something I’m anxious about coming up, Peace & Joy is a good option.

It’s also a great way to include the whole family in using oils. My children love getting to join in with me in the mornings! I’ll ask them which oils they would like to be using, and then we all aromatically dress together. I love that I am empowering my children to be proactive with their health.

Building a doTERRA Business- Myths BUSTED!

So you’ve been wondering what it means to teach people about doTERRA….lets look at some common MYTHS that might be holding you back from taking advantage of this awesome opportunity:

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business is all consuming and you will have zero social life.

🚫 FALSE! It’s your business so you can devote as much or as little time as you want. Obviously, the more time you devote, the faster your business will grow but there are many people who simply casually share the oils in order to pay for their own purchases.
You might run your business around other work or family commitments- for me, I am a full-time mum with two young children so I work when the children are sleeping or I bring them with me. It’s a very flexible business where you set your own hours and you can work casually, part-time or even full time.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you need to buy lots of oils to sell.

🚫 FALSE! The idea behind a doTERRA business is that you help people get their own account and then their oils are shipped directly to them. Other than a few “if we run out of this oil there will be a crisis” back up bottles, I don’t have a huge number of new products at my house. There is no way I would have agreed to a business if it required me to collect orders, chase money, drag two kids plus parcels into the post office…not a chance! The only requirement there is to earn a commission from doTERRA is that you do a 100PV monthly order and when you are using the oils, that is very easy to do!

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you must teach workshop after workshop after workshop.

🚫 FALSE! While teaching workshops are an effective way to reach a group of people, it’s up to you to decide how you want to teach people about oils. There are girls in my team who only do one on one meetings. I know people who only ever build online. If you are connecting with people, sharing the oils, helping them to get their own account and providing support…you will be successful.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business only works if you are outgoing, confident and know everything about essential oils.

🚫 FALSE! Because a doTERRA business is so flexible, anyone can be successful at it. If you look at some of the top leaders, some of them are so shy and quiet that it’s hard to believe they lead teams of thousands of people. Am I a total oil guru? Not at all! I’m a trained preschool teacher and I’ve learned by simply using the oils and a reference book.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means there is a huge upfront cost, or you have to start with the biggest kit

🚫 FALSE! You don’t need every oil to have a business- in fact, I’m still not even close! You need a membership which is $35 or included free with the starter kits. You can get a starter kit for as little as $174, and this has the top 10 oils which is pretty much all you need to show others. Even to this day, I don’t bring much more than those 10 oils when I teach workshops!

MYTH: Oils can’t be stocked and sold retail by small businesses like massage therapists, health stores, hairdressers etc

🚫 FALSE! Just like everyone else a business can sign up for their own account and get a 25% discount to purchase oils to resell. I would suggest though looking at purchasing the Oil Sharing Kit which is a larger kit with multiples of popular oils as it comes with significant savings.



In collaboration with doTERRA Australia, we are able to offer a further 20% discount off the price of selected doTERRA Enrollment Kits for the month of May, bringing the total saving off retail cost to a staggering 45%!

No discount or coupon code required!

This is amazing value and I really hope it allows as many people to take advantage of these beautiful kits as possible.

Oil Sharing Kit- now $1112
Nature’s Solution Kit- now $508
Home Essentials Kit- now $264
Emotional Aromatherapy Kit – now $248
Aromatouch Kit- now $240

You will, of course, get your VIP Welcome Pack, a FREE wellness consult to help you feel confident in using your oils and the most out of your account, as well as ongoing training and support from our rapidly growing team!

Do Essential Oils Ever NOT Work?

This was a question that I was asked recently, and a question I asked as well when I was first investigating oils. So let’s take a look together…

The most important thing is to be realistic with your expectations. Oils are a TOOL and they need to be USED and also used correctly and in conjunction with other associated lifestyle changes. So the example I love to give is that if you stay up until midnight drinking Red Bull, eating chocolate and watching a scary movie then you crawl into bed and put a drop of Lavender on your pillow and expect to suddenly have a good night sleep….you will be disappointed. However, if you are having a nice relaxing shower, going to bed at a regular time, unwinding and maybe reading a calm book or doing some journaling and then using the Lavender oil, of course, it’s going to support your body in achieving a good night’s rest.

“Be realistic with your expectations. Oils are a TOOL and they need to be USED and also used correctly and in conjunction with other associated lifestyle changes.”

You also need to remember that QUALITY is one of the most important considerations when using essential oils. Too often I talk to people who hear about how amazing doTERRA’s oils are, but they aren’t ready to invest so they go and buy a cheaper oil at the pharmacy. Then it doesn’t work (as it’s full of synthetic fillers), so the logical conclusion is that essential oils don’t work. If you are going to have an effective oil then you need to be confident that the oil is 100% pure and that it also contains the correct chemical constituents to be effective. Thankfully, all of doTERRA’s oils are independently tested so we can be confident that our oils WILL work when used appropriately.

While some oils will have an almost instant effect (you take a drop off peppermint on your tongue and bam you will instantly feel it!) other oils are more subtle. So while you might not be able to tell straight away if it’s “working” there may be a gradual improvement.

Another thing to remember too is that everyone is different and the oils will react differently with everyone. While I can say that confidently that Lavender has a chemical constituent called Linalool which is known for it’s calming properties, I can’t say exactly what effect Linalool will have you on you specifically. We all have our individual preference, I personally love Douglas Fir and think it’s the single most amazing smelling oil ever made. My mum thinks it smells like a tree and can’t stand when I diffuse it.

You also need to be taking into consideration the frequency of application. Our bodies metabolise oils in around 3-4 hours, so it’s better to take small amounts throughout the day rather than one big amount once a day. When my baby shows signs of being unwell, I’m applying the On Guard (protective blend) and Melissa oil on his spine and Oregano on his feet every 2-3 hours, as well as diffusing it. I’m also making sure he’s drinking lots of fluid, resting, and having nourishing meals. I can’t just put a drop of On Guard on his spine and then drag him to the play center and make him run around all day.

I know that sadly there are many people who are not supported in their oil journey and so they say “it didn’t work” but on further discussion they didn’t know how to use their oils or what oils to use so they either used the wrong oil, or didn’t use the oils at all. This is why everyone who enrolls with my receives a free wellness consult so that you know how to get the most out of your oils!

I know when I was first starting out and I kept hearing everyone rave about oils I was highly skeptical. I read lots of journal articles, asked my friends, googled loads, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t until I got my oils and had my own AMAZING personal experiences that I was convinced. If that is you, and you’d like to give the oils a try please send me a message.

For those who do LOVE their oils, I’d love if you would share below your AH HA moment when you first realized how amazing these oils are.

💜 – Jill

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