LRP, OV, PV, blah, blah, blah! Chances are if you’re new to doTERRA, you might be a little confused about some of the terms and jargon used. DON’T WORRY – We’ve all been there!

Thankfully, DoTERRA have put together a handy list to make things clearer…..
Active: A Wellness Advocate who has purchased doTERRA products within the past six months.
Account Manager: Once you are ranked as Silver and above, you are given a doTERRA Account Manager who will support you as your grow your doTERRA Business
AS: Auto-Ship. Auto-Ship is another term for your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. You can set your LRP to automatically ship to you on a designated day each month.
Business Opportunity: Another term for the compensation plan.
Crossline: Wellness Advocates that are on a different team than the team you are on.
Downline: Another term for the organization or team of people that a Wellness Advocate has enrolled under them. This includes both Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers.
Duplication: A system used to build your business by having a set plan to teach others on your team that they can then teach their teams as well.
Enrollee: An Enrollee is a Wellness Advocate who was enrolled by an Enroller.
Enroller: Enroller is a designation that entitles a Wellness Advocate to qualify for ranks and Fast Start bonuses in the compensation plan. Enrollers also enjoy the ability to choose a new Wellness Advocate’s Sponsor within their organization. An Enroller can also be the Sponsor (compare, Sponsor).
Empowered Success: This is doTERRA’s business training program.
Fast Start: A bonus earned by a Wellness Advocate, regardless of rank, through enrolling people in doTERRA. Fast Start is paid weekly on the PV from the orders a new Wellness Advocate places in their first 60 days. In order to participate in Fast Start, a Wellness Advocate must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order.
Follow up: After having shared essential oils with someone, you can check back with them to see if they have had an experience with the sample, and if they want to know more. This can be done through a personal visit, phone calls, text messages, or email.
Frontline: Refers to the people placed directly beneath you (or on your first line) on your downline. Ideally these are people that want to do the business and are actively building.
Inactive: An account that has not placed an order or earned commissions for six months.
IO: Internet Order. An order placed by a Preferred Member or Wellness Advocate through their Virtual Office.
Leg Requirements: The rank that each personally enrolled WA must reach to become a qualified leg.
LRP: Loyalty Rewards Program. This program provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. When you participate, you will earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn–up to 30 percent of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases.
Member Services: Customer service who can be contacted via Live Chat on the doTERRA website or via telephone.
OV: Organizational Volume. OV is your team’s overall volume. This becomes important to know as you try to qualify for bonuses and rank advancements. It is your volume plus the volume of your entire downline.
POM: Product of the Month. The Product of the Month is a special monthly promotion given to those who have an LRP order of at least 125 PV.
Po3: Power of 3 Bonus. The Power of 3 is part of the doTERRA compensation plan. It is a system of bonuses designed to help you build your structure and prepare you to qualify for future ranks. Paid monthly, you can receive bonuses of $50, $250, or $1500. Each bonus is paid based on your structure and the amount of team volume.
Product Credits: Product Credits are non-cash redeemable points that can be used to purchase company designated products. Product Credits are granted as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), and at the discretion of doTERRA. No Personal Volume or Organizational Volume is associated with the redemption of Product Credits.
PV: Personal Volume. PV is assigned to each product and is a separate total from the dollar amount on your orders. On many products the PV will match the wholesale value. There are a few products that the PV may be less than the cost (e.g. the Family Physician Kit). Shipping costs and tax do not count as PV, so the dollar amount of our order will generally be more than the PV amount.
Qualifying Legs: Personally enrolled Wellness Advocates on your team that help you reach a certain rank by meeting set leg requirements.
Ranks: Designations or levels earned by and given to Wellness Advocates in the doTERRA compensation plan from Consultant to Presidential Diamond. Ranks are earned and determined each month.
SRP: Shipping Rewards Points. This program helps consultants earn free product credits that can be used toward purchasing orders. There are three different ways to earn points: 1. Place an online order to earn 50 percent of shipping cost in SRP points. 2. Place an LRP order through Member Services to also earn 50 percent. 3. Place an LRP order online to earn 100 percent of the shipping back in SRP points.
Sponsor: A Wellness Advocate who has another Wellness Advocate placed directly underneath him or her in their organization (compare, Enroller.)
Structuring/Placements: Involving the decision you make when you enroll people under you. You can either place them on your team directly under you or under someone else on your team.
Suspended: A designation used when the account holder has signed a termination form, or a term used during account transfers before an individual can sign up again.
Terminated: An account that has been inactive for 13+ months. This account will then fall off of the organization, and the downline will roll up.
Upline: The person who enrolled a Wellness Advocate or Preferred Member and places them in their downline becomes that Wellness Advocate’s direct upline. The upline also includes those that enrolled the direct upline.
Virtual Office: Your online doTERRA account where you can login and manage your orders and business. Accessed via
Wellness Advocate: someone who is enrolled in doTERRA and is eligible to earn commissions.
Wholesale Customer: someone who is enrolled in doTERRA and is not eligible to earn commission.
Leader: Someone is considered a leader, no matter what rank they are in doTERRA, if they are mentoring, holding trainings, and helping their team to further develop their own individual teams.
Builder: A person who actively builds their own doTERRA business through enrolling new Wellness Advocates and others that will also build a business.
Sharer: Someone who uses doTERRA products, and actively shares them with others.
User: Someone who uses doTERRA products for personal use.
Your Why: This is a common phrase used by Wellness Advocates to help someone determine their purpose for doing a doTERRA business.