Why are THESE the oils that doTERRA picked for the starter kits? Because they are so versatile! Let’s take a quick look at some easy ways to be using them:

Lavender 👉 CALMING
Pop in the diffuser for those calm vibes
Apply to your skin to soothe any irritations
Freshen your linen, mattress, car etc by combining lavender with water in a spray bottle

Easy Air/Breathe 👉 BREATHE
Inhale for respiratory support
Diffuse at night time for a calming environment
Rub on big toe for snorers

Peppermint 👉 PEP YOU UP
Inhale before your workouts for an energy boost
Brain foggy? Pop in the diffuser for a crisp clear scent
Great to cook with…check out my recipe for peppermint choc chip cookies!

Digestzen 👉 TUMMY LOVE
Rub on your tummy to ease those nervous butterflies
Add a drop to water when your tummy is not feeling quite right
If your sinuses need a bit of extra support I find this is a great one

Ice Blue/Deep Blue 👉 MOVEMENT
Massage into muscles pre and post workout
Get your body moving and feeling good by massaging into the niggly bits
Kids who have growing pains will love a little massage of this with some carrier oil

Diffuse for an energizing and uplifting aroma
I love adding a few drops to a bowl of water and letting apple slices marinate in it
Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle for cleaning

Frankincense 👉 EVERYTHING
When in doubt, get your frankincense out!
Mix with lavender and apply along the jawline for teething support
Add a drop to your moisturizer for radiant skin
Diffuser with lavender and wild orange for peace and joy
Take a drop under the tongue for a total relaxation chilled out feeling
For more ideas, check out this article HERE.

Add a drop to your water for a refreshing taste
Add to water and on guard in a glass spray bottle for an amazing cleaning spray
Use to get rid of sticky labels
A great way to remove grease off your hands and legs (as I found out when I got bike chain grease all up my leg!)

Tea Tree/Melaluca 👉 CLEANSING
Add a drop to your shampoo for a healthy scalp
Great for pimples
Mix in a spray bottle for low tox cleaning sprays….and for head lice prevention
We apply it diluted around the ears to prevent any issues

If we aren’t feeling out best this oil comes out
We put a drop on the bottom of our feet the first 10 days of the month to keep us healthy
So amazing to cook with! You only need 1/2 to 1 drop though- it’s full of flavor!

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