When you read essential oils books like “Modern Essentials” or “The Essential Life” you will notice that the blends section doesn’t have the same names as the doTERRA oil blends. You might have also noticed that sometimes the same oil blend has different names. Why? The books use the generic name, and then doTERRA has their own trademark names. Sort of like how you have “tomato sauce” (the generic name) and then you have “Ketchup” (the brand name). Also because doTERRA is an American company, there is the original American blend name. However due to trademarking, there is sometimes a different name for the Australian market.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is the list of all the generic blend names, and their Australian and American doTERRA blend name. I hope you find it useful!

Generic Blend-Australian Name/American Name

Massage Blend- AromaTouch

Grounding Blend- Balance

Respiratory Blend-Easy Air/Breathe

Uplifting Blend-Cheer

Invigorating Blend-Citrus Bliss

Women’s Monthly Blend-Clary Calm

Topical Blend- HD Clear

Comforting Blend-Console

Cellular Complex-DDR Prime

Soothing Blend-Ice Blue/Deep Blue

Digestive Blend-DigestZen

Joyful Blend-Elevation

Renewing Blend-Forgive

Anti-aging Blend-Sallubelle/Immortelle

Focus Blend-InTune

Encouraging Blend-Motivation

Protective Blend-On Guard

Inspiring Blend-Passion

Headache Relief Blend-Past Tense

Reassuring Blend-Peace

Cleansing Blend- Purify

Restful Blend-Lavender Peace/Serenity

Metabolic Blend-Slim N Sassy/Smart N Sassy

Repellent Blend-TerraArmour/TerraShield

Blend for Women-Whisper

Detoxification Blend-Zendocrine