There are three ways to use essential oils:

AROMATICALLY: You can inhale or use a diffuser.
Inhaling the oils has the power to affect your mood. For me personally a deep breathe of Citrus Bliss always cheers me up, or lavender calms me down.
This can kill germs in the air- anytime someone starts to get the sniffles I diffuse On Guard straight away.
It eases breathing. I love Easy Air especially when I’ve got a cold or stuffy nose!

TOPICALLY: Simply apply to the skin.
Oils are powerful and one drop can service every cell in your body!
When applied to the bottom of your feet it enteres your blood steam within 30 seconds.
You can apply to feet, back of ears, chest and back of neck, massage your head, or apply to troubled spots.
You do need to use caution on sensitive skin, avoid eyes, ears and noses.
You can dilute with fractionated coconut oil for sensitivity.
I love rubbing Ice Blue on sore muscles, it’s so soothing!

INTERNALLY: doTERRA is such high quality that I feel safe ingesting the oils.
You can add to water, drop under your tongue or put in a capsule. Every morning I have a drop of lemon in my water to start my day!
It nourishes your whole body.
Always read the label as some oils are not for internal use.
Oils are a GREAT addition to cooking, they add beautiful flavours and for more inspiration check out my cooking recipes.