My #1 oil for PMS

What is the number 1 oil I use and suggest for dealing with hormonal issues?

How to clean your diffuser

Keeping your diffuser clean is easy to do and will ensure it has a long life span. Here's an easy guide to cleaning your diffuser!

Which diffuser should I get?

We take a look and compare the beautiful doTERRA Petal and the Lumo diffusers

Aromatic Dressing

Do you want to start your day with power and purpose? Time to learn about aromatic dressing!

Building a doTERRA Business- Myths BUSTED!

Let's have a look at some common misconceptions people have about building a doTERRA business. Will you have to stock lots of products, spends lots of money, or kiss your social life goodbye? Read on to find out!


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Do Essential Oils Ever NOT Work?

This was a question that I was asked recently, and a question I asked as well when I was first investigating oils. So let's take a look together...