About three days before my period hits…my husband will sneak over and gently hand me my ClaryCalm and say “Babe, maybe you might want to use this?”

To which I usually angrily yell at him “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ARE YOU CALLING ME HORMONAL” (Me? A rage monster at a certain time of the month? Noooo….)

About five minutes after putting it on I’ll slink back over to him, give him a cuddle and apologize for being a horrible person to him.

I will openly admit that ClaryCalm is basically the one thing that stops me from turning into a mean monster. It’s also amazing at soothing the tummy cramps I get. I have polycystic ovaries and I also had amenorrhoea for a few years. When my period did finally return I actually thought I had food poisoning the cramping was that bad!!

Now one thing to bear in mind is that ClaryCalm is a roll-on oil, NOT a “Touch” version. This means that it is not diluted with any carrier oil. As such, some people may find it intense. If you try it and find it’s too strong for you, you can pop the lid off and decant it into a second roller, then top them both with some carrier oil. Alternatively, you could apply some carrier oil to your skin first, then roll the ClaryCalm on top.

I find that I only need to use it from about 3 days before my period till it ends, but I know lots of friends who like to use it daily as it helps with hormone regulation. It’s often used a pure-fume too due to its pleasant aroma.

Those experiencing menopause will also benefit from using it. You can apply daily on the lower belly and bottom of the feet to help with hormonal regulation.