When used in conjunction with an appropriate Mental Health Plan, Essential Oils play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety, without the side effects associated with other medications.

Let’s have a little crash course in physiology for a minute.

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds and when you inhale them the can impact your emotions. When inhales, the tiny molecules of essential oil travel through your nose and are absorbed by your olfactory epithelium. The aroma stimules your olfactory receptors which in turn signals your olfactory bulb. This then stimulates your limbic system, which controls your emotions.

When you smell essential oils, your body can respond by releasing endorphins (which can help relaxation), seratonin (which aids in calming), and even noradrenaline (which is a stimulant).  So by inhaling some essential oils you can have a direct impact on your emotions and mood.

Now you need to remember that not all oils will have the same impact and benefits on everyone. Another thing to note is that past associations we have with an oil may impact the benefit too. The olfactory bulb is closely linked to our hyppocampus which is our memory centre and scent is a large trigger for memory. So while lavender is a great oil for calming and relaxation, if your grandmother often smelled of lavender and you are grieving her loss then you might be saddened by the smell of lavender rather than calmed.

So what oils are useful for stress and anxiety?

Here are the top 5 oils I have found beneficial. Please contact me for a wellness consult if you’d like to look at what oils would best suit you.

Balance- the grounding blend. I use this oil daily to help me focus and stay calm.

Lavender- calming and peaceful

Frankinsence-this is the king of the oils! It creates a feeling of calmness due to it’s ability to increase the oxygenation levels of your cells.

Wild Orange- uplifting and joyful

Bergamot- a citrus oil that is uplifting and emotionally is “the oil of self love”