Essential Oils have been used throughout history to enhance the body’s natural immunity and help fight illness at the root cause.

The immune system is the body’s defense system. It is designed to protect against threats from outside the body. When functioning normally, the immune system is able to identify, target, and destroy disease-causing pathogens without damaging native body tissues. It is also able to strengthen itself by having a memory about pathogens it has previously encountered, meaning over time it increases it’s ability to respond to threats.

To perform its crucial functions, the immune system has diverse organs throughout the entire body. Some of the organs people are most familiar with are the tonsils and adenoids, lymph nodes, the thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. All of these organs support or produce the essential cell of the immune system: the white blood cell.

There are many factors that can influence your immune system. However one thing is key- in order to promote a healthy immune system, you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, reducing stress and having a healthy emotional balance are all important in supporting your immune system.


Regular exercise at a moderate level or higher can increase your immune support. Who cares if it’s running, or swimming, or belly dancing- if you enjoy doing it then you will be more included to do it regularily!

The Ice Blue oil is the perfect oil for soothing sore muscles after a workout. You can apply it topically to ease any aches and pains, it is a natural analgesic and also increases circulation to help your body support healing. There is also the Ice Blue rub, in a convienant tube which is perfect to throw in your gym bag.


Have you ever been so stressed about something you made yourself physically sick? Stress responses increase strain upon circulatory system due to increased heart rate etc. Stress can also affect the immune system by raising blood pressure.

How can we combat stress? There are a number of oils which are grounding and can reduce our cortisol levels. Essential oils and blends such as Arborvitae, dōTERRA Balance®, Geranium, PastTense®, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Vetiver are useful in grounding emotions. I’ll give a special mention to Frankincense too, as it increases the oxygen uptake of the cells, resulting in feelings of peace and calmness.

Balance is one I personally use daily to help me stay calm, I put a drop of the bottom of each foot as well as a drop to my diffuser necklace.

The Emotional Aromatherapy Kit is also a great option as it has oils all specifically blended to provide emotional support. It contains Motivate™, Cheer™, Passion™, Forgive™, Console™, and Peace™

Sleep is criticial to your body being able to function properly. Studies have associated sleep restriction and sleep deprivation with the development of diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Others have shown that sleep helps sustain the functioning of the immune system, and that chronic sleep loss is a risk factor for immune system impairment.

Research has shown that inadequate sleep increases levels of cortisol in the body, just like stress can. Just like with feelings of stress, cortisol goes on to decrease immune health when elevated for a prolonged period of time.

Blends such as dōTERRA Balance®, dōTERRA Breathe®, and dōTERRA Lavender Peace®, as well as single oils such as Clary Sage, Dill, Lavender, and Sandalwood promote feelings of calmness and can help create an ideal environment for achieving a good night’s rest when used aromatically. They can also be applied to the feet. Try placing a few drops on your blankets or pillows. Diffuse for 30 minutes before going to bed, or while going through your nightly routine.

A good sleep blend includes a floral (such as Ylang Ylang or Lavender) a wood (such as Cedarwood or Sandalwood) and a citrus (such as Bergamot or Wild Orange). I suggest trying a few combinations in the diffuser, and then when you find one your love you can make up a rollerball and apply it to your feet and the back of your neck before bedtime.

Essential oils can help support healthy sleep habits, but it is important to also take other proactive steps such as limiting caffine before bedtime and  reducing screen time on electronic devices as well. If you are going to eat a block of chocolate,  watch a scary movie, crawl into bed at 2am and then hope that putting some lavender on your pillow will give you instant restful sleep then you will be dissapointed.

Food can either be your greatest medicine or your greatest poison. Proper nutrient intake benefits every function in your body! Your body needs essential nutrients like carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to give it the energy and materials to produce key cells and carry out cellular functions. Eat REAL food- whole, unprocessed food and have a balance diet. However even with a mostly healthy diet we can still benefit from supplements to ensure we get proper nutrition.

Prior to using doTERRA I had never been a big fan of supplements. They seemed to be a waste of money considering I ate pretty well normally. However having used the Life Long Vitality now I can’t imagine not using it!

From the doterra website:

dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack are three products that can have a profound impact on immune health. First, Microplex VMz® provides a foundation for immune health with key vitamins and minerals in a revolutionary glycoprotein matrix that boosts bioavailability.* Alpha CRS®+ is formulated with potent levels of polyphenol antioxidants known to help support immune function.* And finally, xEO Mega® contains the crucial omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that are deficient in the majority of western diets. Research has shown that healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids support a healthy immune system among other things such as supporting cardiovascular health.*

So where do essential oils fit into the picture of a healthy immune system?

A number of essential oils can be used to help support the immune system. Because of the way our bodies metabolize the compounds found in essential oils, it is safer and more effective to use smaller amounts of essential oil, spread over consistent time intervals, rather than a single, large application. For instance, rather than taking six drops of a given oil in a single, large application, it is safer and more effective to divide those six drops across two or three applications, separated by several hours in between.

We also need to remember to use common sense and exercise caution when your body is fighting an infection. Just because you feel your body needs a boost, it is safer and still more effective to use smaller quantities of oils. Our body can’t suddenly metablise large quantities of oil just because our immune system is under attack. You should be using the same amount of oils as you would use on a regular daily basis when in good health.

Some oils that are good to support immune system include Wild Orange, Lemon, Cassia, Cinnamon, Lime, Marjoram, Tea Tree, Oregano, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, Thyme, Manuka, and of course our super star blend: On Guard!

On Guard is the protective blend designed specifically to support our immune system. I am really passionate about encouraging proactive use of oils, and this is one oil we use daily in our house! We diffuse it (usually after the kids naptime as it’s an uplifting and energizing blend) and I also have a rollerball which I use to apply it to the kids whenever we leave the house. I honestly feel that it has helped us avoid so many of the illness around and also helped reduce the severity of any illness we did get.

If you are ready to get these amazing 100% certified pure theraputic grade oils then you can click here to get started, or go back to whoever introduced you to doTERRA.