My #1 oil for PMS

About three days before my period hits…my husband will sneak over and gently hand me my ClaryCalm and say “Babe, maybe you might want to use this?”

To which I usually angrily yell at him “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ARE YOU CALLING ME HORMONAL” (Me? A rage monster at a certain time of the month? Noooo….)

About five minutes after putting it on I’ll slink back over to him, give him a cuddle and apologize for being a horrible person to him.

I will openly admit that ClaryCalm is basically the one thing that stops me from turning into a mean monster. It’s also amazing at soothing the tummy cramps I get. I have polycystic ovaries and I also had amenorrhoea for a few years. When my period did finally return I actually thought I had food poisoning the cramping was that bad!!

Now one thing to bear in mind is that ClaryCalm is a roll-on oil, NOT a “Touch” version. This means that it is not diluted with any carrier oil. As such, some people may find it intense. If you try it and find it’s too strong for you, you can pop the lid off and decant it into a second roller, then top them both with some carrier oil. Alternatively, you could apply some carrier oil to your skin first, then roll the ClaryCalm on top.

I find that I only need to use it from about 3 days before my period till it ends, but I know lots of friends who like to use it daily as it helps with hormone regulation. It’s often used a pure-fume too due to its pleasant aroma.

Those experiencing menopause will also benefit from using it. You can apply daily on the lower belly and bottom of the feet to help with hormonal regulation.

Aromatic Dressing

What is aromatic dressing, and why is it amazing?

Aromatic dressing is a daily ritual using your oils that you can easily add to your life. It is all about giving your body the nourishment it deserves. You lovingly massage an oil or a beautiful blend with a carrier oil onto your body while you talk to your body with messages of joy and acceptance. You can create your own personal powerful affirmations and aromatic anchors as you are using your doTERRA oils.

Once you’ve had a shower or bath, start at the bottom of your feet and work upwards towards your heart. Apply the oil in big circular motions as you layer your body with oil and loving words. Start your morning with power and purpose, and finish it with relaxation and peace.

There are endless combinations that you can use! I love to do my aromatic dressing in the morning, while the children are focused on having their breakfast. Often I will do a quick “emotions check” and ask myself how I am feeling. I’ll look at my diary and see what I have on, and think about how I want to feel during the day. If I have lots of things to do, I will pick a motivating combo. If I have something I’m anxious about coming up, Peace & Joy is a good option.

It’s also a great way to include the whole family in using oils. My children love getting to join in with me in the mornings! I’ll ask them which oils they would like to be using, and then we all aromatically dress together. I love that I am empowering my children to be proactive with their health.

Building a doTERRA Business- Myths BUSTED!

So you’ve been wondering what it means to teach people about doTERRA….lets look at some common MYTHS that might be holding you back from taking advantage of this awesome opportunity:

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business is all consuming and you will have zero social life.

🚫 FALSE! It’s your business so you can devote as much or as little time as you want. Obviously, the more time you devote, the faster your business will grow but there are many people who simply casually share the oils in order to pay for their own purchases.
You might run your business around other work or family commitments- for me, I am a full-time mum with two young children so I work when the children are sleeping or I bring them with me. It’s a very flexible business where you set your own hours and you can work casually, part-time or even full time.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you need to buy lots of oils to sell.

🚫 FALSE! The idea behind a doTERRA business is that you help people get their own account and then their oils are shipped directly to them. Other than a few “if we run out of this oil there will be a crisis” back up bottles, I don’t have a huge number of new products at my house. There is no way I would have agreed to a business if it required me to collect orders, chase money, drag two kids plus parcels into the post office…not a chance! The only requirement there is to earn a commission from doTERRA is that you do a 100PV monthly order and when you are using the oils, that is very easy to do!

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means you must teach workshop after workshop after workshop.

🚫 FALSE! While teaching workshops are an effective way to reach a group of people, it’s up to you to decide how you want to teach people about oils. There are girls in my team who only do one on one meetings. I know people who only ever build online. If you are connecting with people, sharing the oils, helping them to get their own account and providing support…you will be successful.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business only works if you are outgoing, confident and know everything about essential oils.

🚫 FALSE! Because a doTERRA business is so flexible, anyone can be successful at it. If you look at some of the top leaders, some of them are so shy and quiet that it’s hard to believe they lead teams of thousands of people. Am I a total oil guru? Not at all! I’m a trained preschool teacher and I’ve learned by simply using the oils and a reference book.

MYTH: Building a doTERRA business means there is a huge upfront cost, or you have to start with the biggest kit

🚫 FALSE! You don’t need every oil to have a business- in fact, I’m still not even close! You need a membership which is $35 or included free with the starter kits. You can get a starter kit for as little as $174, and this has the top 10 oils which is pretty much all you need to show others. Even to this day, I don’t bring much more than those 10 oils when I teach workshops!

MYTH: Oils can’t be stocked and sold retail by small businesses like massage therapists, health stores, hairdressers etc

🚫 FALSE! Just like everyone else a business can sign up for their own account and get a 25% discount to purchase oils to resell. I would suggest though looking at purchasing the Oil Sharing Kit which is a larger kit with multiples of popular oils as it comes with significant savings.

I have my what?

It’s an exciting time, waiting for the mailman to bring you your purple box of goodness. Once it arrives though…what do you do next?

OPEN your box and review the contents. Cap stickers are located in your folder.

ORDER 5 & 10ml rollerbottles. Get Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) to dilute oils. This way you can be applying your oils topically! You can order beautiful 5ml thick glass rainbow rollers HERE

RESOURCES- I highly suggest investing in a reference guide such as the Modern Essentials or The Essential Life. Both come as a hardcover book or an ap for your phone. My personal preference for new oilers is The Essential Life as it’s very easy to navigate.

MEMBER SERVICES: Any problems you can call (02) 8015 5080 or use the live chat on the doterra website. They are available Tues-Friday 9-6pm Saturday 9-2pm.

FACEBOOK SUPPORT: I have three groups: Anyone is welcome to join the “Lavender & Friends Oil Squad” for general chit chat and monthly challenges (make sure you read the pinned post). The other groups are only for those enrolled in my team and you will be invited to join as part of your welcome pack.

CONVENTION: Pop this date in your calendar! doTERRA AUNZ Convention will be in Sydney at the International Convention Center, Darling Harbor from 17-18 May 2019. Everyone is welcome (even those who have no oils yet). You will learn more about doTERRA and the amazing products!

SET UP YOUR MONTHLY ORDER! Use your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) cart for most cost effective ordering. Chat with your enroller about the benefits of activating the program 💜

OPEN THE BOTTLES AND USE THEM!!! I challenge my new team members to use a different oil every day. Just close your eyes and grab one out of the box! Grab your reference book, read about that oil and give it a go.

REMEMBER IT’S A JOURNEY! Think about the first time you drove a car. How did you feel? Did it seem overwhelming? If you break it down into little steps it’s much less scary. So one day, just add a drop of Lemon to your water. The next day, pop some Easy Air in the diffuser and enjoy the crisp scent.

CONTINUE LEARNING: Keep going to classes. Keep watching webinars. Keep attending “Get to Know DoTERRA” events. I still learn new uses for my oils every day! Chat to your enroller if you need some ideas for how to get the most out of your oils.

If you don’t yet have oils….this is just a small snippet of the things we go over during your free personal wellness consult when you enrol. I want everyone to feel confident when they use their oils! I’d love to help you get started on your oils journey today so head to the shop tab and grab your enrolment kit.

Why FRANKINCENSE is the KING of the oils!

Frankincense is the KING of the oils and is probably one oil I never leave home without. When in doubt, get your frankincense out because you can’t go wrong with this super oil!

👑I like to call this oil my “drop of wine”. You know that relaxed chilled out feeling you get after a nice glass of wine? Frankincense has the same effect on me.

👑The aroma helps promote feelings of relaxation.

👑Amazing for your skin! It helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically. Pop a drop in your moisturizer for great skin.

👑 Cranky teething shark baby? We found rubbing a frankincense and lavender diluted along the jawline worked wonders on my two bubs.

👑Anxiety an issue? Check out my video about Oils + Anxiety where my husband Will share how he uses Frankincense to support him managing his anxiety disorder.

When I first was looking into oils, I freaked out when I saw the price. However keep in mind that a 15ml bottle of oil has around 250 drops, so Frankincense is around 29c per drop and you usually only need 1-2 drops at a time.




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