I am NOT a crafty person. Other than coloring in, my art skills are pretty much non existent. Which means that if I can make this rack- ANYONE CAN!

Want to watch the video? Click HERE! 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It was a rainy cold night* (*may have actually not been rainy but I’m trying to make this story dramatic) when I realised that I had a market stall in two days. I rang my friend who I usually borrow a rack from and to my dismay they were also doing a market! I rang my other friend and same story- their rack was in use.

In a slight panic I realised that I couldn’t order a rack online and have it come quick enough. Plus it’s not like Kmart happen to sell essential oil racks!! I took a few deep whiffs of Wild Orange (the Oil of Creativity) and started thinking. Maybe I could make something simple?

So armed with more Wild Orange I went to the shops the next day in hunt of something I could use as an oil rack. My initial thought was a nail polish display rack but all I found were ugly plastic ones. I went to Kmart and was wandering through the kitchen aisle when I spotted a metal spice rack. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best I’d seen so far. If I could find something to cover it, it just might work.

I went to the local arts and craft shop where to my delight they had pre-cut pieces of wood exactly the same size as the spice rack. I also got some calico fabric with the intention of then covering the rack.

I got home, and enlisted my husbands help in gluing the wood to the spice rack. Looked great! I decided to try and sew the fabric on. Let’s just say…EPIC FAIL. I decided that just the “naked” racks looked good enough.

So if you want to make this, all you need to do is glue some pre-cut wood onto metal spice racks and VOILA! Hey presto, you have a great oil rack.