So…. what actually are essential oils? Let’s have a look at what they are and why they are so amazing.

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants. They are very volatile which means they have a tendency to evaporate. Steam distillation or cold pressing is the most common way to get the oil. The oils capture the “essence” of the plant- so they have the scent and flavor.

They have been used anciently and throughout history. However with the increase in technology it’s easier to source, distill and test them to ensure purity and potency. Using oils gives a range of benefits including emotional support and physical health.

Each oil contains hundreds of different compounds, which provides complex and versatile abilities to combat threats without building up resistance. Incredibly, oils are lipid soluble which means they can penetrate a cells wall to provide support at a cellular level. They are sourced from nature so they are effective and safe. The chemicals in the oils interact with your body in a variety of ways.

Essential oils provide an affordable and effective alternative to synthetic remedies.

Basically….they are little bottles of AMAZING which you can have in your home to support your families health and well being naturally. With just a reference book and a box of oils, you can address most of your families needs.

Quality of essential oils is extremely important. You need to be confident the oils you use are PURE and POTENT. They must have no additives, fillers or synthetics. One of the reason I use doTERRA is their focus on quality oils. Each batch is independently tested by a third party and you can learn more at the Source to You website. For more reasons on why I use doTERRA, you can read this article.