If you’ve been following my social media stories you may have recently noticed something a bit out of the ordinary. I have been participating in GISH- the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt.  What is this madness? Well, IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME! The idea is that you plus a team of 8-14 other people around the world have a week to complete as many Hunt Items as you can. The Hunt Item list was released on, at which point it’s GO TIME! While some people act like it causes UNREASONABLE PAIN AND SUFFERING, in reality, it’s actually a lot of fun and you can go as crazy or as mild as you like.

The items range from simple things like “thigh-high crocs” to more extreme such as “clear customs with a parachute” and their point value also varies accordingly. The idea is to get as many points as you can to win! However, there is also a Hall of Fame and a Coffee Table Book which celebrate the BEST submissions for that year and for many teams, their goal is to make this item.

Alongside the adult hunt items, there is also a “kids menu” designed to keep the kids occupied and included. My kids have loved doing these items, and they have actually been really fun boredom busters.

The best thing about doing GISH is being challenged to be creative. Many of the items can be interpreted in different ways and it’s fun trying to decide how to fulfil them. Many of the items are designed to encourage participants to make the world a better place or to raise awareness of a social justice issue. While some might argue the hunt is too political, I personally think that with over 200+ items if you don’t like one item, just don’t do it! Leave it for another team member to complete, or just skip it altogether. As my original team only had 5 people we were merged with another team and it’s been lots of fun making new friends around the world (our team is based in Spain, USA and Australia).

If you want to follow along in the shenanigans, keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram stories and also follow the official GISH Facebook page. Unless specified, we are not allowed to share our FINAL submissions until after the hunt is over, so that is why I’ve not posted my final efforts just yet. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about GISH and are inspired to join next year!