Essential oils provide a safe and effective natural way to support our physical, emotional and mental health. From creating a low-tox environment to supporting healthy sleep habits there is a natural remedy available to help make your Brisbane life that much easier.

If you have been seeing doTERRA essential oils popping up around your local Brisbane shops but don’t know how to get started, you have found the right place.

I’m here to help you!

How to purchase:

You have two choices in how to purchase. You can pay retail (full price) or even better is getting your own account so you can access wholesale (25% discount) price! There is no obligation for further purchases or requirements to sell. However who you get your account with matters as they will be your support person. If you just enrol through the doTERRA Australia website you will become what is called “an orphan” and you will be randomly assigned to a support person who may be located internationally. You will miss out on all the benefits that come from joining our amazing team such as our beautiful VIP welcome pack or exclusive online member group.

If you want to simply pay full price then you can do so via our shop. However, we love educating and inspiring you about how to incorporate oils into your daily life to create a healthy, happy and harmonious lifestyle. We run regular online and face to face workshops all around Australia and we love connecting with our team. As we have a widespread international community we have focused on creating lots of fabulous online resources to support you no matter where you live. When you partner with us on your oils journey you will have all the guidance you need.

Join our team to receive:

Welcome email series to help you get started using your oils confidently

-VIP members groups

-Exclusive team promotions and giveaways

-Ongoing education and support

-A free personalised wellness consult

-Opportunity to earn income by building a doTERRA business with support, mentoring and guidance to ensure success

Online Support:

We have a large online presence so you can access information and resources whenever suits your lifestyle. We do weekly online classes, zoom consult chats, private members group, online training courses. You will receive support no matter where you are located!

Ready to start?

If you live in Brisbane, start building your collection by visiting our online SHOP today, or else you can CONTACT US for any further information. It’s time to discover the real difference essential oils can make for your life!


Jill + Will