When you can buy $3 bottle of peppermint from good old Kmart or a $2 bottle of Rose from The Reject Shop….why do you invest in doTERRA instead?

It’s quite simple. QUALITY.

🌿Firstly, an independent 3rd party tests every batch of oils to ensure PURITY and POTENCY. This means that the oils contains no additives, fillers, synthetics or harmful contaminants. The oils also have the correct chemical constituents to support your body. You can visit the “Source to You” website for more information.

🌿Secondly, the plants are grown and harvested in their natural habitat using Co-Impact Sourcing. The doTERRA sourcing team searches the globe to find the plants with the best chemical profile. This ensures the oils can be the most effective.

🌿 Thirdly, the Healing Hands Foundation is doTERRA’s non-profit, charitable organisation. They help support the communities where the oils are sourced. Projects include providing education, clean water, building schools and medical facilities. You can learn more about Healing Hands here.

🌿Finally, when you purchase oils from doTERRA you align yourself with an oil educator. Their role is to support you on your oil journey to ensure you get the most benefit from your account. This is why my goal is always for education and inspiration. I want people using their oils and loving them as much as I do! Education is a key focus in doTERRA and I love having access to so much free training and support. There are regular webinars to support your knowledge, and a free “Daily Drop” ap which provides you with daily usage videos.